TerminoxISM™ Turbidity Filter

TerminoxISM™ turbidity filter for well water. It is the best dirt filter money can buy. And it is salt free, chemical free and maintenance free. And there are no costly filters to replace, ever.

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What is turbidity?

Turbidity is made up of small particles of solid matter suspended in the water. And it’s measured by the amount of scattering and absorption of light rays caused by the particles. Turbidity is measured in nephelometric turbidity units (NTU).

TerminoxISM water filter removes iron, sulfur and manganese.

How does turbidity get in my water?

It’s not uncommon to have turbidity in your water. It’s usually present from soil runoff. And this is caused when rainwater carries small particles of matter into wells and aquifers.

Does TerminoxISM™ remove turbidity?

TerminoxISM™ removes turbidity. Because the TerminoxISM™ media traps the small particles (turbidity). And pulls it out of your water. So then the trapped turbidity (along with iron, sulfur, manganese, etc) is then purged from the system. Because the filter is self cleaning.

How much turbidity in my water is too much?

Turbidity is measured in NTU’s. The MCL or the EPA’s Max Contaminant Level is 0.5 to 1 NTU’s normally. But in some circumstances it can be up to 5 NTU’s.

What are the effects of turbidity in my water?

Turbidity has no known health effects. But it can interfere with disinfection. And provide a medium for microbial growth. And it may indicate the presence of microbes in your water. Also water with turbidity can look cloudy. And unpleasant to drink.

How can I remove turbidity from my water?

The TerminoxISM™ Turbidity Filter removes turbidity from your water. Because it traps it in the TerminoxISM™ self cleaning filter media. And leaves you with clean, dirt free water. So check out some REVIEWS from actual TerminoxISM™ customers. And if you want more information. Check out the links on the bottom of this page.


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