Sulfur Removal Filter

TerminoxISM™ Sulfur Removal Filter

TerminoxISM™ sulfur removal filter for well water. It is salt free, chemical free and maintenance free. Sulfur is usually pretty easy and inexpensive to remove. Often referred to as a rotten egg smell in well water. Or sometimes a "musty" smell. Sometime people confuse black coloring in toilets, sinks and fixtures, or just the hot water stinking like sulfur as sulfur. Often this is actually something called manganese. The good news is that with a TerminoxISM™ Sulfur Filter, both sulfur and manganese is removed. It can also remove rust, dirt, sediments, foul tastes and smells. As well as strong chemicals such as chlorine and bleach.

TerminoxISM water filter removes iron, sulfur and manganese.

Never use carbon filters to remove sulfur

We often see unscrupulous dealers, or unaware consumers try to use carbon tanks or carbon cartridge filters to remove sulfur. This is a really bad idea. Because while it might give temporary relief from the smell, carbon is the number one breeder of bacteria on non chlorinated well water. Carbon use should normally be restricted to public water supply systems where the water is chlorinated. Then it is far less likely to breed harmful or troublesome bacteria.

Air injection for removing sulfur smells is not a good idea

The reason that air injection for removing sulfur smells is a bad idea. Is that air injection systems often build up air in water lines, hot water heaters and water filters. This can cause the pipes to "spit" water out of your faucets and spigots. If it is hot water, that can really be bad. Especially for small children or people with sensitive skin. Also, air injection can often make the water appear to be "Milky". It is not harmful. Because it is just air. But most people don't like to drink milky water.

TerminoxISM™ works best for sulfur and manganese

While we make all kinds of sulfur filters. Terminox is best because it is salt free, chemical free and maintenance free. And it also removes manganese, dirt, sediment, iron and rust as well. TERMINOX REVIEWS


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