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TerminoxISM Manganese Water Filter

TerminoxISM™ Manganese water filter systems for well water are salt free. Also they are chemical free and maintenance free.

A TerminoxISM™ Manganese Filter is the name to trust when it comes to well water iron filtration. The TerminoxISM™ manganese, iron and sulfur filter is far superior to the other manganese filters being sold today. Manganese in well water? Do you have manganese stains on appliances? TerminoxISM™ will put an end to manganese staining and stinky hot water smells.

TerminoxISM water filter removes iron, sulfur and manganese.

The TerminoxISM™ was specially designed to outperform all other manganese filters on the market, including Pyrolox, BIRM, Greensand, Air Injection and all others. Pyrolox? Pyrolox doesn’t stand a chance against the far superior TerminoxISM™. And we should know. We were the innovators of Pyrolox online many years ago. BIRM Filters and Greensand Filters are left in the dust as well. TerminoxISM™ is THE superior iron water filter. We should know as we make and sell every type of iron filter there is. Who better to inform you which is the best one?

What is manganese?

Manganese is a naturally occurring metal found in the earth’s crust. It is often found in combination with iron and when it isn’t causing issues with your water it’s used as an industrial alloy to make stainless steel and it’s also used in some pesticides.

How does manganese get in my water?

As stated above, manganese is usually found in combination with iron and gets into your water the same way, through seepage into aquifers and wells. It can also find its way into water sources through pesticide pollution and other types of pollution from products that use manganese, such as industrial metal operations. Manganese is more commonly found with iron, finding manganese by itself is much less common.

Does TerminoxISM™ remove manganese?

TerminoxISM™ removes manganese. The Terminox™ media oxidizes and traps manganese, thus pulling it out of your water. The trapped manganese (along with iron, sulfur, etc) is then purged from the system through the scheduled backwashing.

How much manganese in my water is too much?

A measurement of 0.05mg/l of manganese in your water is where you start to get manganese staining. And this is also when rotten egg smells start getting strong. And when bad tastes really become noticeable. So it’s the point where we strongly recommend treatment. The Environmental Protection Agency’s MCL (Maximum Contaminant Level) for manganese is also 0.05mg/l.

What are the effects of manganese in my water?

Manganese can turn your water to a black or brown color. And will leave black stains in the backs of toilets, in filters, and on your water using appliances. Manganese will also have a “rotten egg” smell that’s usually attributed to sulfur. If the “rotten egg” smell is present when using your hot water. Then you most likely have a manganese problem. If manganese is present in the water it might taste bitter and metallic.

How can I remove manganese from my water?

As stated above, the TerminoxISM™ Manganese Filter is the BEST way to remove manganese from your water. Check out some TerminoxISM™ Reviews from actual TerminoxISM™ customers. For more information check out the links on the bottom of this page.

What else does TerminoxISM™ remove?

TerminoxISM™ removes iron, sulfur, manganese, dirt, rust, turbidity, sediment, sand, bad smells,  bad tastes and even strong chemicals such as chlorine and bleach.

Is TerminoxISM™ a salt free iron filter?

Yes. TerminoxISM™ uses no salt at all. It is a completely salt free iron, sulfur and manganese well water filter system.

Does TerminoxISM™ require any maintenance?

No. TerminoxISM™ is a maintenance free well water filter. No salt, chemicals, filter changes of any kind.

What is the average life expectancy of a TerminoxISM™ Filter?

The average life expectancy of a TerminoxISM™ iron removal filter is 25 to 35 years when properly applied. But each well is different. So someone with massive amounts of iron and sulfur, could not expect the same longevity of someone with trace amounts. TERMINOX REVIEWS


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