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TerminoxISM™ Dirt Filters

TerminoxISM™ Dirt filters for well water are a backwashing tank for large amounts of dirt. Smaller amounts can be removed with cartridge filters. But those will be an ongoing expense. A TerminoxISM™ Dirt Filter requires no ongoing filter replacement. Which are not only a messy hassle to replace all of the time. But they can also get quite expensive over the years.

TerminoxISM water filter removes iron, sulfur and manganese.

What is dirt in well water?

This is a very broad question as dirt can constitute a number of things. For our purposes (water filtration) we'll define dirt as elements of the ground (sand, gravel, organic elements, etc.) that are found in groundwater.

How does dirt get in my well water?

It's very common for dirt to be in your water if you are getting your water from a well. Wells are usually aquifers and there's no way to get around having dirt in them, since they are in the ground.

Does TerminoxISM™ remove dirt?

TerminoxISM™ removes dirt. The TerminoxISM™ media traps the dirt, thus pulling it out of your water. The trapped dirt (along with iron,sulfur, manganese, etc) is then purged from the system through the scheduled backwashing.

How much dirt in my water is too much?

Honestly, any dirt in your water is probably too much. It isn't regulated under the name dirt. But dirt is often a part of turbidity which is actually regulated. And you can find out more information on our turbidity page.

What are the effects of dirt in my water?

Again, this is a pretty broad question. Dirt in your water can be seen, tasted and felt. It's just unpleasant to drink any water that has dirt in it.

How can I remove dirt from my water?

The TerminoxISM™ Iron Filter removes dirt from your water by trapping it in the TerminoxISM™ Backwashing Iron Filter media, leaving you with clean, dirt free water. Check out some TERMINOX REVIEWS from actual TerminoxISM™ customers. For more information check out the links at the bottom of the page.


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