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TerminoxISM Iron Water Filter

TerminoxISM Iron Water Filter is the name to trust when it comes to well water iron filtration. The Terminox removes iron, sulfur and manganese. And is far superior to the other iron filters being sold today. Iron in well water? Rust stains on appliances? Terminox will stop iron dead in its tracks. The Terminox was specially designed to outperform all other iron filters on the market, including Pyrolox, BIRM, Greensand, Air Injection and all others. Pyrolox? Doesn't stand a chance against the far superior Terminox. And we should know. We were the innovators of Pyrolox online many years ago. BIRM Filters and Greensand Filters are left in the dust as well. Terminox is THE superior iron water filter. We should know as we make and sell every type of iron filter there is. Who better to inform you which is the best one?

TerminoxISM water filter removes iron, sulfur and manganese.

What does TerminoxISM Remove?

TerminoxISM removes iron, sulfur, manganese, dirt, rust, turbidity, sediment, sand, bad smells, bad tastes and even strong chemicals. Such as chlorine and bleach. And much more as well.

Is TerminoxISM a salt free iron filter?

Yes. Terminox uses no salt at all. It is a completely salt free iron, sulfur and manganese well water filter system.

Does TerminoxISM require any maintenance?

No. Terminox is a maintenance free well water filter. No salt, chemicals, filter changes of any kind.

What is the average life expectancy of a TerminoxISM Filter?

The average life expectancy of a TerminoxISM iron removal filter is 25 to 35 years when properly applied. But each well is different. So someone with massive amounts of iron and sulfur, could not expect the same longevity of someone with trace amounts.

Features Hi-Tech Hard Programming

Each unit is custom made to order for exactly the type of well water you have. Because we believe every well is unique. Then we hard programmed the unit so that it stays that way. If you have a power outage you will never have to program the unit again. And no need for finicky backup batteries that only last a few minutes or hours. Your new TerminoxISM Back washing well water filter will stay programmed indefinitely.

It can stay programmed for days, or weeks or even years. And that is why it is also great for vacation home and hunting cabins. Motor home owners who travel across the country just love it. And some people who live out in the country far away from their power source. That have a lot of power failures. Just love these units.

What Size is Right?

Just click on this link to see instructions on proper TerminoxISM sizing. It is easy to take a few minutes around the house to gather what is needed to get it right every time.

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We can help you size the right system. Including every other kind of filters or softeners that you can imagine. We can refer you to reputable water filter companies where you can buy all of our products. And where you can buy other products that we recommend Just send us an email and tell us what you are trying to do. We can even have a professional water analyst call you if you would like to email us your phone number.

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