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Image of bad rust and iron stains from irrigation on the side of a house.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

After 30 years we finally decided to address our water problems. We almost bought an identical system from a company in CA until we heard the price: $6800 !! (that was with a special discount along with a free shipping offer). We decided that we would keep looking…and then I found Budget Water Filters of America online. At first, the price caught our attention; $1800 for the same system we had been looking at from the CA company! But in the end it was the testimonials that sold us. I searched the Internet long and hard looking for any complaints about your company or products and couldn’t find one. We purchased the TerminoxISM™ and Chem Feed water filtration system 5 months ago. Our set up required a bit more work than most installations but my husband and a friend were able to set it up themselves in just a few hours–with only one call to the technicians! And speaking of the technicians… they are the best! We have called with questions over the past 5 months and the technicians are ALWAYS helpful.

–Bill Howatt

Happy Customer!

After 20 years of putting up with hard, stinky, iron colored well water that stained every thing it got on, I got fed up and decided I was going to either fix the problem or move. The area we live in is so remote and beautiful we certainly did not want to move. After spending a considerable amount of time on the internet researching the problem and having our water tested I came across your company. It was so great to find people with the knowledge and expertise to help me solve the problem. In August 2006, after talking with you, I ordered the equipment you recommended and with help from your service people by way of a few phone calls I installed it and it works perfectly. We now have soft, clean, clear water no more buying bottled water and best of all my wife thinks I’m a genius. She just wonders how come it took me so long.

–William Chad PeatXXXx


I just got your email reminding me to change my RO filters. Thanks. This email reminded me that I have not thanked your company for curing my iron water problems. I was a little dubious that my salt consumption would be almost nil. You were right. I have only used 200 lbs in a year. Before installing your iron filter I was using 80 lbs or more a month, and still had iron stains in our clothes and dishwasher. Anyway, thanks for a great product.

–Satisfied Customer


I installed the acid neutralizer (Calcite w/Calcite Plus) and TerminoxISM™ Iron Filter over the weekend. I still have perfect pressure and now have a good pH with no weird colors in my drains!!! Thanks!

–Mike KilpXXXXXX

Happy Customer!

We recently purchase a TerminoxISM™ system from you all a few weeks back because we have had a history of heavy manganese (3.5) and our prior water system did not do a very good job as our level of manganese increased over the years. Since installing your system our water has been perfect. We inject soda ash to keep the ph to at least 7.5. If this new system keeps doing its thing my wife is going to be extremely happy and consequently I will reap the rewards!! Thank you! 



I have added Sodium Carbonate to my chem feeder system and the PH is now in the recommended range. The water quality in the home has improved greatly. I commend you on your product knowledge and excellent customer service. Because of good outcomes like this, I do not hesitate to refer people to Budget Water Filters and remain a loyal customer. Many thanks to you!

–J. Eastwood

TerminoxISM™ -Iron, Sulfur, Silt

Just wanted to let you know about the TerminoxISM™ 10 I installed a couple of weeks ago. You told me I’d have clear, clean smelling water with no silt. What I got was clear, clean smelling water with no silt. Wife is completely satisfied which makes me happy. I’ve given your name to a couple of friends of mine. Thanks for everything!! 

–Ron B

IRON BACTERIA, IRON and pH, Late night Tech support Assistance

I just wanted to let you folks know how thrilled I am with my new iron filter/chem feeder setup. The numbers tell the tale. I’ve gone from 3.5ppm of iron to <0.1ppm, my water ph has risen from 7 to 7.8. And all of the iron bacteria which grew in my toilet tanks is gone. And so is the mineral smell that my water had before. I had to have my water softener head cleaned out, since it was plugged up with iron, but it works great now too. I easily saved over $1000 by doing it myself. You offer a tremendous product and the service is top notch. I was able to get in touch with a technician late on a Saturday night to answer a question. Thank you again.

–Mike M


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