The Terminox™ Iron Filter, the superior iron filter.

Terminox™ is the name to trust when it comes to well water iron filtration. The Terminox™ I.S.M. (Iron, Sulfur and Manganese) is far superior to the other iron filters being sold today. Iron in well water? Rust stains on appliances? Terminox™ will stop iron dead in it's tracks. The Terminox™ was specially designed to outperform all other iron filters on the market, including Pyrolox, BIRM, Greensand and others. Pyrolox? Doesn't stand a chance against the far superior Terminox™. BIRM and Greensand are left in the dust. Terminox™ is THE iron filter.

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Remember, Terminox™ is THE iron filter...

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The size Terminox™ you will need depends on the amount of iron and your flow rate. To find these out you'll need to have your water tested and do a little homework. BudgetWater.com® does free water testing, they also have an Articles and FAQ's page that explains how to get your flow rate, which you'll need when properly sizing your Terminox™ Iron Filter. Terminox™ Iron Filters need to have a pH around 7.5. Iron bacteria can have negative effects on the performance of a Terminox™ Iron filter, but it's a problem that's easily fixed. If you have questions you can always contact BudetWater.com® at 1-800-701-9914 they have the most knowledgeable water filtration technicians and they are experts on the the Terminox™ iron filter.